Luca Engstler encores behind the safety car

Luca Engstler encores behind the safety car

The second TCR Asia and TCR China joint race at Zhuhai finished behind the safety car once again. Just as in yesterday’s Race 1, Luca Engstler was the first to cross the finishing line. His teammate Diego Moran and Eurasia Motorsport’s Daniel Miranda followed to secure a Hyundai 1-2-3. NewFaster Racing’s Huang Chu Han was classified fifth overall and won the TCR China race.
Pole sitter Kenneth Look stalled at the start, Roland Hertner took the lead from Pepe Oriola, Adam Khalid, Alex Hui and Luca Engstler.
On lap 1, Engstler moved up to third, then Hertner went wide at the last turn and dropped behind Oriola and Engstler. On lap 2, Engstler stole the lead from Oriola, but then Hertner went off following a contact with Diego Moran and the safety car was deployed.
Racing resumed on lap 6, as the rain began to fall; Engstler led from Oriola, Hui, Lloyd, Martin Xie and Moran. At T11, Oriola slipped off the track and was followed by Lloyd, Xie and Filipe Souza. Only Lloyd was able to rejoin at the back of the field. With three cars stranded onto the gravel, the safety car was prompted into action once again.
When action resumed on lap 11, Moran and Daniel Miranda passed Hui and moved up to second and third, but a pile up that involved Adam Khalid, Douglas Khoo and Cherry Cheung resulted in a third intervention of the safety car.
The chequered flag was waved at the end of the following lap, at the completion of the 75% of the planned distance.
The two series will return into action together again at Shanghai International Circuit on June 1 and 2.
Race 2
1. Luca Engstler (Team Engstler, Hyundai i30 N), 13 laps
2. Diego Moran (Team Engstler, Hyundai i30 N), 1.443
3. Daniel Miranda (Eurasia Motorsport, Hyundai i30 N), 2.039
4. Alex Hui (Teamwork Motorsport, Audi RS 3 LMS), 2.844
5. Huang Chu Han (NewFaster Racing, Audi RS 3 LMS), 4.267
Championship points TCR Asia
1. Engstler 85 pts; 2. Moran 76; 3. Oriola 50

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